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"First I want to thank CEF for all they do for our students. You go above and beyond and it’s appreciated more than you know. The grant my class received has help advance my children’s education in so many ways. Not only is the grant helping educate my students, but it’s also bring smiles to their face while learning! As a teacher nothing could make me happier than my kids enjoying to learn and that’s just what the grant my class received did! Thank you so much!"

Kacy Michalsky, Crosby Kindergarten Center

Innovative Teaching Grant Recipient

Ways to Donate

With your help, we are able to move public education forward and improve the lives and learning experiences of Crosby students. There are a number of ways to support the Crosby Education Foundation.


Support Our Mission

Make a one-time donation to the Crosby Education Foundation. Every dollar helps us to strengthen the educational experience for CISD students.


Pledge Ongoing Support

Sustainable giving provides recurring, automated contributions of any amount that are an integral part of the Foundation's success.


CISD Payroll Donation

As an employee of CISD, you can easily support the Foundation through a deduction to your semi-monthly paycheck.

Ways to Donate

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