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As I sit at my desk here at Crosby High School, I fondly recall the last couple of days here at CEF as the Executive Director, getting ready for the biggest day of the year. There was a lot of preparation involved for a thing that was It's hard for anyone to describe to an newcomer (me) what happens on GGG day. It has to be experienced. There was comradery to the nth degree. The Directors who could devote an entire day to handing out the big checks. The students from Band, Dance, Cheer and Yearbook who were thrilled to be out of class for an entire day. Ms. Linda, our super nice bus driver. Did I mention that we go from campus to campus all together, on a big yellow school bus? And Dr. Davis came along for the fun, you know he wouldn't miss the fun unless he absolutely had to! And he didn't have to! Shoot, he WAS the fun!

But the teachers and the students, that was the real thrill. Pulling up to the school in the bus, the principal of the campus waiting out front for us, a big smile and open arms, chomping at the bit to get started, to help us make their teachers' day! The surprise on the teachers' faces was so gratifying, their joy at being recognized and awarded was what makes CEF so special! And the kids...they were everywhere (of course, we were at a school!), they were sweet, they were funny, they were well-behaved, and they all had questions about what we were doing, why were we awarding grants to their teachers, what was the big check for? Every single campus had kids that were INTERESTED AND ENGAGED! And that's why we all do what we do...we want these kids to learn, to be our future, our leaders, our community businesses. And so we raise money, we give money, we invest in our students here in Crosby ISD, we are inspired!

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