Newport Elementary School Teacher Grant Requests


Engaging TEKS Are Fantastic with StoryWorks From Scholastic!          

Requested by Egans, Laneka 

Grant: Engaging TEKS Are Fantastic with StoryWorks From Scholastic!  Request: StoryWorks Subscription 1 Full Year. Amount: $8.49 per issue for estimated 130 students= $1103.70 with Shipping and Handling Fees $110.37.  Why? All vocabulary and scaffolding is differentiated to meet the entry level needs of all  grade appropriate students, and English Language Learners (ELL's). The subscription includes a lesson plan and scope and sequence. Scholastic also completely addresses students on the bubble for meeting, approaching, or targeted to exceed expectations of the STAAR Test according to most teacher opinions and district data. StoryWorks passages are easy to navigate, colorful, current, relevant, and downright engaging. Most students willingly follow the steps as facilitated and the data we collect shows evidence of progress when used as a supplemental resource in 5th Grade reading language arts classrooms. The integration of science and social studies also supports our need to make learning relevant and connected to real word problem solving strategies. Teachers need challenging vocabulary that target higher level questioning, but also address prerequisite skills in order to attain mastery. All readiness and supporting TEKS are included through creative use of graphic organizers and well thought- out open ended comprehension connected activities. This grant is a must have for teachers who are innovative, invested, and eager to see their students reach their full potential.  TEKS Advantage:  Grade 5 The English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Vertical Alignment chart is a tool that allows us to understand the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that must to be taught across multiple grade levels. Scholastic StoryWorks series supports the teachers need to bridge and foster independent reading.<br>This grant will build reading strategies -Fluency - Vocabulary Development (ELL's) and strengthen comprehensive knowledge.  Students will be able to understand how English is written and printed. Students will display phonological awareness. Students use the relationship between letters and sounds, spelling patterns, and morphological analysis to decode written English. (ELP's) Students will continue to apply earlier standards with greater depth in increasingly complex texts (Grades 3-12) .  Students will comprehend a variety of texts drawing on useful strategies as needed. Students will read grade level text with fluency and comprehension. Students will understand new vocabulary and use it when reading and writing.   E/LAS (English/Language Arts Standards): Reading: B. They will understand new vocabulary and concepts and use them accurately in reading speaking, and writing.  Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Theme and Genre.  Students will learn to analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about theme and genre in different cultural, historical, and contemporary contexts and provide evidence from the text to support their understanding. StoryWorks bridges connections to Figure 19 through thrilling multigenre texts.   FEATURES:   32 pages of nonfiction, fiction, debates, and more provide compelling texts that support science and social studies.  Differentiation tools.  Stories at multiple Lexile� levels, videos, audio articles, and vocabulary slideshows make articles accessible to all students.  Step-by-step lesson plans.  Higher-level questions plus whole-class and small-group ideas fit your teaching needs.  Standards. Alignments to the Common Core, TEKS, and other state standards make planning easy.  A wide range of levels.  Lexile� levels from 600L to 950L, Guided Reading Levels from S to V, and DRA levels from 40 to 50 enable customized instruction.  Activities and assessments.  Activities and quizzes focus on vocabulary, writing, and key ELA comprehension skills.    

Funding Needed:  $1,214.07



Fill The Bookshelf           Requested by Harris, Wenona

Having a classroom of diverse learners, makes it hard to provide books for all reading levels.  I would use this grant to fill my bookshelf with books to accommodate all reading levels in my classroom.  This would not only help lower leveled readers, but the higher leveled ones too.  Filling the bookshelves in my classroom with books for all levels of readers will also build confidence in my classroom of readers.     Funding Needed:  $1000.00



Read Fluently with Read Naturally           Requested by Henley, Kay

The Read Naturally fluency progress monitoring and phonics programs will help document and move forward the academic development of my dyslexic and Tier 3 students. This program focuses on fundamental phonics skills that are crucial building blocks in literacy development. Fluency and phonics are key features of balanced literacy. This program will meet the diverse needs of the students I work with, while meeting state dyslexia requirements, and RTI progress monitoring requirements.      Funding Needed:  $785



The Writing Center           Requested by Herrera, Cindy

This center is specially designed to give my students their own place to write! This roomy center seats up to 4 students, with plenty of tabletop space for 4 students to write?or 2 students to work on computers! The 8 storage cubbies are perfect for holding paper, pencils, crayons and anything else students need to get creative. Plus, the center is adjustable in height?so supplies are only an arm?s reach away and accessible from either side! Sturdy hardwood center features an easy-clean melamine tabletop. Writing is one of the most intimidating subjects I teach. My students are English language learners and writing is the last stage of fluency to develop. I believe this project will align with state and district objectives by providing students the unique experience of focusing in their writing when they are stationed to be at the center. The center will have unique writing resources along with fostering collaboration among students.      Funding Needed:  $621.19



Power Reading Online Dr. Marie Carbo           Requested by Ingram, Kimberly

All of the resource and tier 2 students I work with are one year or more behind in reading and comprehension.  This program is researched based to bring student reading levels and comprehension up by at least one school year.  Studies have shown that in as little as 8 months students gained at least 15 months of reading levels and comprehension. Power Reading Online gives the students the power to choose genres and text that holds their interest level but keeps the text on the instructional level.  Often students are embarrassed to get books in the library due to their reading level is not age appropriate text.  This program will not only increase their reading levels but help encourage the love of reading.     Funding Needed:  $1000.00



Guided Math with Reagan Tunstall workbooks         

Requested by Matthews, Victoria

The purpose of guided math is to meet the developmental needs of students as they learn math concepts throughout the year. As teachers we are determined to meet students where they are at and guided math is a perfect resource to do just that. This resource will help students grow vertically and improve consistency in instruction by reducing procedure adjustment time between grade levels due to the utilization of the same resource. In conjunction with Guided Math Game Plan with Reagan Tunstall, we would like to use this amazing resource in our classrooms.  Funding Needed:  $1000


Guided Math Game Plan with Reagan Tunstall           Requested by Perry, Valerie

Reagan Tunstall will join us to demonstrate her playbook of guided math.  We will get an in-depth, play-by-play guided math workshop featuring hands-on demonstrations, classroom-tested management strategies, and real-life classroom guided math.  Reagan will help coach us through practical strategies to ensure we become a  math MVP to our students and school.  She will demonstrate warm-ups, station rotations, and get the big picture of what guided math is while at the same time having guidance in the details of each component.  Guided math helps us build a student centered math program that allows us differentiate learning for each student to help them excel in math.     Funding Needed:  $4,912.50


Making Connections with Students through Capturing Kids' Hearts          

Requested by Spencer, MacKenzie Paige 

Capturing Kids' Hearts is a 2-day training designed to help teacher's create classrooms where students feel connected to others in a way that allows for improved behavior management and student success. We would like to send teachers that have not had the opportunity to attend the training previously so they have the chance to learn how to develop the self- managing, high-performing classrooms that other teachers have been able to accomplish using the techniques learned at Capturing Kids' Hearts. Techniques learned at the workshop will aid teachers in dealing with student conflict, negative behavior, and disrespect. Flip Flippen, CEO of the Flippen Group (which is responsible for creating this program) said it best when he said, "If you have a child's have their mind." We must connect with our students and they must know we care in order for their best learning to occur.      Funding Needed:  $5,000



Building Grade Level Vocabulary Skills Through Speech Therapy          

Requested by Todd, Darci

Tier II vocabulary words appear frequently and are critical to comprehension across academic disciplines. They are high utility words that empower students� command of academic language. Currently, research suggests that there are insufficient resources to teach Tier II vocabulary in existing curriculum options. Evidenced-based practices suggest utilization of multi-modalities for instruction. This innovative approach would include explicit instruction of vocabulary by making semantic associations through the use of various language acquisition materials. Because Tier II vocabulary words appear across multiple academic settings, explicit instruction will impact all content areas, increasing comprehension and command of academic language. Crosby ISD seeks to achieve a district-wide climate of high expectations and professional teamwork. Building vocabulary skills though speech-language therapy is part of the teamwork process in collaboration with teachers across grade levels to meet the districts high expectations.     Funding Needed:  $1054.80