Drew Elementary Teacher Grant Requests


Mini iPads for Mini Learners           Requested by Corso, Erica

This grant will us to take a technology driven generation and give them hands on experiences using their love for technology to improve their overall education. These students will practice mastering math skills, improve reading abilities, be given opportunities for coding, and prepare them for 21st century jobs that don't even exist yet.     Funding Needed:  $5,000


Flexible Seating for Maximum Engagement!          

Requested by DeBose, Courtney

Outside the windows of our classroom is a dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-changing world full of choices. Students feel empowered by having some degree of choice and control over their environment. Our grant to incorporate Flexible seating is innovative because it allows students to choose where they work and with whom. It also allows them to change their location and positions as needed Our students are Curious, enthusiastic, and creative; they are ready to immerse themselves in any kind of challenge. Our students are eager for any type of hands-on learning that they can get ahold of. They come to school each day with excitement and are interested in what the day is going to hold. Sitting in the same spot, in rows, is not how our kids learn anymore. Flexible seating allows kids to choose where they learn best and to work comfortably. We want them be where they are comfortable and productive. Learning environments can have a direct impact on student achievement According to research, Todays students require environments that encourage discovery and deeper learning, and flexible design is fundamental to the next generation of teaching and learning. We as a team have decided to make the switch over to alternative seating. We look forward to introducing our students to a new way of learning.  Our district goal is to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created and our project will allow students the freedom to explore their independence and make choices. Funding Needed:  $5000



From Struggling Readers to Tomorrow's Leaders          

Requested by Guillory, Valerie

We are Special Education Resource teachers.  We help Special Education students in grades 1-5.  Many of our students are unable to read or they really struggle with it due to their lack of basic reading skills. The All About Reading program is a research based program that will differentiate instruction of the necessary reading skills our students lack. It allows for instruction to be taught using a multi-sensory approach: using sight, sound, and touch. This is perfect for our struggling readers, because it is interactive and FUN! Reading is such a vital part to learning as it is cross-curricular and this is our solution to closing the gap. The goal of this reading program is for our students to become confident fluent readers.     Funding Needed:  $1546.05



Lucky Little Learners           Requested by Scheig, Jessica

The Osmo Learning System is designed to bridge together the real world and digital technology of the 21st century for the classroom.  This product takes an i-pad and makes the digital learning a step better by becoming hands on in interactive ways.  The Osmo allows all different styles of learning to be addressed, creates positive interactions, increases logical reasoning, and can be used in numerous settings such as small groups or whole class.  The Osmo addition to our already existing i-Pads in the classroom would allow for reading interventions with struggling readers, or with number sense and mathematical concepts for young mathematicians.  Osmo also provides students with immediate feedback on their learning, which is great for that instant gratification of a job well done!  The acquisition of this product would continue our districts movement as a district of innovation, guide reading, math and arts through the games that it provides.  But shhh!  Don't tell the students that they are learning!  They think they are just having fun!  Engaging lessons and innovative learning is the key to the success of the technology dependent student in out ever changing world.  Today, we are preparing students for jobs that have not even been thought of and they need to learn in these differing and exciting ways.       Funding Needed:  $950.0