Crosby Kindergarten

Let's Wiggle and Learn!           Requested by Hernandez, Christina

Our younger students are engaged with movement and technology; why not incorporate both into our everyday routine?  I currently have a variety of flexible seating options in my classroom that were funded by previous grants.  However, the number of students in my classroom has grown in recent years and I am in need of additional resources to accommodate my students.  I love seeing how focused and engaged students are when using these quiet, non-distracting seating options.  In addition to these flexible seating resources, I am looking to expand my technology stations with more age-appropriate learning tools.  These learning tools will bring interactive learning to my classroom through a variety of activities that will extend students� knowledge with shapes, numbers, letters, words, and more. Crosby ISD is great at supporting teachers to keep students comfortable and engaged in the classroom.  This grant will help my students become 21st century learners.   

Funding Needed:  $505.92