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Crosby High School Teacher Grant Requests


Digital Art Drawing Pads           Requested by Baxter, Tyra

Digital Art students are learning all about creating masterpieces using the Adobe Suite products including Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop where they will be creating their masterpieces.  Instead of using traditional art materials all work is done on their Macbooks.  Students need and will use daily drawing tablets that will connect to their Macbooks to create their works of art.  The drawing tablets and the abundance of tools they come with will promote growth among the students. Without them they are lacking the technology and the ability to truly learn to create digital work.   Funding Needed:  $2,000


 Igniting Careers           Requested by Odom, Paul

This grant will help reach the Crosby ISD district goal of students being adequately prepared to enter the workforce.  This will be accomplished when the students are able to earn their NCCER certification which is an industry recognized certification that will allow our students to go to work.  Students will have the opportunity to practice welding with the welding rods and improve their skills.  In sum, the welding rods will be used to Earn Industry Recognized certification credentials from NCCER. This will allow the students to learn real world employable life skills. This also coincides with the district's  objective of increasing student certifications so that they are college and career ready.     Funding Needed:  $1,000



Don't Stop BeLEAFing            Requested by Padgett, Kelly

The purpose of this garden is to give students a chance to grow plants as well as their skills and knowledge in a multitude of ways. First, students will discover the growth process and cycle of production plants in Agriculture. They will see each stage of a plant's life, from germination to the end product of a vegetable. Second, students will learn the hands-on skills needed to create, maintain, and harvest a vegetable garden. These students will be responsible for constructing the garden shape, spreading the soil to a level depth all around, and reading planting instructions. From there, students will be responsible for watering and measuring plant growth throughout the growing periods. Finally, this year long project will teach students responsibility. It is their job to tend to the garden and learn when to water and harvest to gain the best vegetable yield.      Funding Needed:  $1000



Inventive Independent Reading Initiative            Requested by Starkey, Stephanie

In 9th and 10th grade, students struggle with having the stamina needed to master EOC testing. In order to build stamina, as teachers, we would like to allow students to pick engaging texts that peak their interests. By having an expansive YA novel collection, students will be more likely to read a novel in its entirety. We have found that students do not engage or have difficulty selecting books in the library. As teachers, with extensive classroom libraries, selections become more customized for each student. CISD is implementing in the English classrooms self selected, sustained reading in the curriculum.  With this initiative students are granted opportunities to be stimulated by their own reading choices.  Overall, this will allow students to approach the EOC with not only stamina but also improves inferencing skills and reading comprehension in order to be successful meeting the required testing objectives. The grant aligns with District goals and objectives by increasing the percentage of students being successful on the EOC test.      Funding Needed:  $1937.15



Student Superheroes           Requested by Thompson, Kristi

Imagine how our community could benefit from over 200 high school students having in-depth, hands-on training in CPR and First Aid each school year.  With this grant, we will be able to effectively train students in the classroom to not only learn CPR, but to respond to life-threatening illnesses and other emergencies.  Sitting in our classrooms now are the future teachers and healthcare providers for our community. These students are eager to learn and willing to help others around them.  As students are trained, we will see a ripple effect as they educate their peers about the importance of CPR & first aid training.  Putting these skills in the hands of tomorrow's leaders will truly impact the health of our community!     Funding Needed:  $5000