Crosby Elementary School Teacher Grant Requests


Meaningful Math with Manipulatives            Requested by Glover, Amy

Students need math manipulatives in their hands everyday! My grant will provide them with age appropriate resources to keep them engaged in math and make their learning more meaningful to them. I picked out manipulatives and resources that align with the grade level objectives. I plan for the students to use these manipulatives during whole group lessons and during math stations. They will be provided with a lot of opportunities to discuss their reasoning while modeling their mathematical thinking!  Funding Needed:  $460.00



Growing Giants for the 21st Century .          Requested by Graham, Amy

Our grade level is working to help our students acquire skills and knowledge to help them become successful learners and prepare them for jobs that probably haven't even be created in the workforce yet. With this grant we will be able to work in both small groups and independent study, thereby implementing differentiated instructional goals to reach all levels of learners. Students will better be able to reach a higher mastery in academics through the use of technology and will allow them to equitably compete with other technologically enhanced districts.  Students will be able to use hands-on manipulatives along side the technology to reach different learning styles. They will also develop research skills necessary for academic growth. Project Implementation:- Students will have access to numerous educationally designed applications to develop skills in all core subjects.  - Students will be able to read, write and compute using IPADS and the Osmo learning system which will help in small group and station groups.  - Students will have the ability to interact using educational forums and virtual chat sessions to gain more experiences not only within our community, but also the nation and world.<br>-Students will also be able to take "virtual field trips" to reinforce lessons taught in class and gain cultural knowledge and awareness.  - Students will have hands on manipulatives for both Math and ELAR through the Osmo learning system to help all styles of learners and allow them to develop higher order thinking skills.  -  Students will be able to use the IPADS to record and present projects to help them develop valuable speaking skills.    

Funding Needed:  $5,000



Math Resource           Requested by Henderson, Emily

I teach math resource to student's with a variety of different learning disabilities and cognitive deficits.  My goal is to provide a  work space for them to feel comfortable while learning.  I believe with the right tools my student's will show progress and enjoy learning just how fun math can be using hands on activities, manipulatives and games.     Funding Needed:  $1,000


Fast, Fun and Fluent           Requested by Jordal, Alicia

There are a million ways to use an iPad in the classroom, but there are not that many tools to use to hear yourself read. With an iPad mini the students would be able to upload material, record themselves reading the material, and in the end, listen to themselves read. The best way to increase fluency is to hear yourself read, repeatedly. The best way to increase reading ability is to increase fluency.  Fluency is something that is beneficial for all readers. If we increase everyone's ability to read, it will benefit all subjects.  Our students will also benefit by having mini iPads for differentiation.  You can have students log on to instructional apps such as Education Galaxy, Spelling City, Epic, Learning Farm, and Reading A to Z.  Our newly adopted curriculum from Pearson also includes an online portal for students to listen to books online.  We also teach Social Studies, and we can utilize our content that we teach by logging in to Studies Weekly on the iPad and letting the students listen to the content read aloud.    Funding Needed:  $4890


I Like to Move It, Move It           Requested by Whigham, Cindy

Equipment needed for "Move It, Move It" will provide musical, emotional, social, and physical development of all students.  When funded, this grant will help to develop and improve fine and gross motor skills, rhythm and movement, balance, dance, hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, and flexibility while increasing students' heart rates and keeping them actively engaged.  Activities will foster the social and emotional growth through teamwork and cooperative learning.  The developmentally appropriate equipment will assist in meeting and/or surpassing this goal while meeting state standards, as several of the Physical Education and Music TEKS are aligned with each other and connect to the emotional/social behavior intervention plans of the PASS and Life Skills programs.        Funding Needed:  $4,991.04